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We offer our patients a number of services to help you get your life back on track, and it all starts and ends with a good night’s sleep. Your habits and rituals may be contributing to your sleep disorder or worsening your symptoms. By addressing these behaviors, it is possible to improve the quality of your sleep and, in some cases, to avoid more extensive treatment. We looking deeper and address the problem at its root, which allows us to treat many sleep disorders at the cause instead of just treating the symptoms.

Counseling Services

At Sleep!, our counseling services help our patients to develop good sleep habits. This includes lifestyle, physical, diet, and routine adjustments in order to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Weight Factors

Your weight can affect the quality of your sleep. If you carry extra weight around your neck or waist, it can place extra pressure on your airway and internal organs, creating or worsening obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.

While weight is not the only anatomical consideration to look at when addressing the causes of sleep apnea, it is one of the major ones. Have you been trying to lose weight and struggling? Sleep apnea can actually promote weight gain and make it more difficult to lose weight.

Our counseling services can help you balance your OSA treatment and weight loss regimen in a way that is both effective and sensible for your lifestyle. The goal is to improve the quality of your sleep so your hormone levels and weight return to normal.

Diet and Nutritional Considerations

Eating a healthy diet and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help you get a better night’s sleep. Our sleep counselors can speak to you about what's in your diet that may be exacerbating a sleep disorder and advise you of some alternatives so you can increase your sleep quality and duration.

Other dietary factors are also important, such as the timing of your meals. We take all of these aspects into account when helping you to make positive changes.

Healthy Sleep Rituals

Going to bed and waking at certain times can help you get better sleep. Avoiding certain pre-bedtime behaviors and implementing new sleep-friendly rituals helps to create a healthy sleep environment. Our counselors help you look at your habits and how to improve them so that the time you spend in bed is spent actually sleeping.

Other Things to Consider

Other behavioral, psychological, and medical conditions can contribute to sleep disorders. Our counseling services examine your health, activities, and lifestyle in order to treat you efficiently and effectively with the goal of getting you better sleep as soon as possible.

Call for a Sleep Consultation

Drs. Beyene and Cooper can help you look at all aspects of your condition and coordinate a treatment plan that works best for you and your individual needs. By combining accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, we are optimistic that we can help you sleep better, longer, and more restfully.

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