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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) causes a number of serious health problems for its sufferers, but what about the hidden dangers of not getting consistent, restful sleep? Patients who suffer from OSA pose a greater risk to themselves and others because of symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, lowered alertness, and reduced reaction times.

Some employers require physicals ruling out the signs of OSA. Those who show signs that may indicate they have the syndrome are required to take a sleep study and, if they are found to have OSA, are also required to treat it.

For employees who operate heavy machinery or vehicles for a living, the threat is very real and dangerous. Untreated OSA sufferers create a danger and a liability. For some professions and government agencies, making sure their employees are complying with sleep apnea treatment recommendations is of the utmost importance for their safety and the safety of others.

Compliance Problems

Because OSA treatment may take some getting used to, whether it is CPAP therapy or an oral appliance, many patients report struggling with getting used to these new bedtime behaviors. Aside from giving it time to become your new normal, speak to one of our doctors or counselors to find out ways to help make OSA treatment easier.

Like any lifestyle change, wearing a CPAP mask can take some getting used to. An estimated 40% of patients who undergo CPAP therapy for treatment of OSA are non-compliant. Patients may deliberately remove their masks or they may unconsciously do it in their sleep. The end result is that they are not getting the treatment they need and are putting others at risk.

Patients may not feel their sleep apnea is affecting their ability to operate vehicles, machines, or to make decisions, but studies show otherwise. That is a risk many employers and government agencies cannot afford to take chances on.

Compliance Monitoring

For those organizations concerned about the compliance of OSA patients, we offer compliance monitoring. The machine used in CPAP therapy contains a chip that monitors how long the machine was in use by the patient and at what times. This provides extra assurance to employers that patients are consistently getting the treatment they need.

For patients using the oral appliance, monitoring occurs by placing a chip inside the appliance that measures ambient temperature and use times by the patient. We collect and compile the relevant data for employers so they have proof their employees are receiving their necessary OSA treatment.

This high-tech chip created for compliance monitoring saves lives!

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