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At Sleep!, we offer the widest array of services available at a sleep treatment center today. One of only a handful of its kind, Sleep! not only diagnoses common sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but also addresses less common reasons that could still be disrupting your sleep.

By providing accurate diagnoses and proper treatment, we improve the lives of thousands of Americans each year. Our medical director, Dr. Beyene, has years of experience in diagnosing and treating sleep conditions. His expertise is second to none when it comes to sleep disorders and the knowledge to treat them.

Accurate Diagnosis

At Sleep!, we make overnight sleep studies easy and relaxing. You will feel like you are spending a night getting away from it all in our private, secure bedrooms. Unlike other sleep clinics, we pay attention to even the smallest details so that your experience is relaxing and productive. From luxury private bedrooms and bathrooms to a breakfast bar, we make sleep studies as convenient as possible.

The equipment we use to diagnose sleep disorders such as OSA is the most accurate available. Dr. Beyene will read all of your results and share them, as well as your treatment options, with you.

At Sleep!, we are solution-oriented. We know how disrupted sleep can affect your quality of life. That is why our entire team is determined to support your health and wellness by finding answers to your biggest sleep questions.

Reliable Treatment Options

We provide our patients with reliable treatment options such as CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) therapy and oral appliance therapy (OAT). Both CPAP and OAT are approved treatments for sleep apnea according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

To make treatment even more convenient, our dentist, Dr. Cooper, works onsite in order to provide you with continuity of care. He and Dr. Beyene work together on your case so that you get exactly the care you require.

Counseling to Enhance and Support Your Treatment

In addition to physical treatment of your sleep disorder, we provide counseling services to support healthy lifestyle changes to improve your sleep with behavior modification. Weight loss, good sleep habits, and diet can all contribute to the quality of your sleep. When you adjust your lifestyle, your treatment will proceed more smoothly and is more effective.

Compliance Monitoring

Many businesses require that OSA patients submit to compliance monitoring because of the high-risk nature of their work. For both the CPAP and OAT devices, we have chips that monitor when you use the device. That information, along with how much you sleep, provides the data necessary to verify your compliance with your recommended treatment.

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Are you ready to schedule your sleep study? Give us a call today and one of our team members will find a time that works for you. We proudly welcome new patients in California, MD and the surrounding areas.

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