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What is combined therapy?

Combined treatment for obstructive sleep apnea combines our two most effective forms of treatment in order to provide relief to patients with severe sleep apnea. Patients with severe OSA do not get enough relief from one treatment or the other, but need both CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) therapy and OAT (oral appliance therapy) in order to provide enough results to minimize the serious health effects of OSA.

CPAP treatment utilizes a machine and mask in order to administer positive air pressure flow necessary to keep your airways open. Today’s CPAP machines are small and convenient, and the masks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate each patient.

Oral appliance therapy utilizes an oral device to gently move your lower jaw forward, unblocking your airway. OAT keeps your tissues and tongue from falling backward and obstructing your throat as you breathe.

Both can help with snoring.

Combining the two therapies is sometimes necessary if monitoring shows that CPAP is just not enough to provide you with sufficient amounts of oxygen.

Untreated OSA can shorten your life by complicating diabetes, causing heart conditions and strokes, and causing obesity. Millions of Americans suffer from OSA and do not receive the necessary treatment despite its coverage by most health insurance plans.

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