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What do I need to bring for my overnight sleep study?

Sleep! is a modern facility that is set up more like a fancy hotel than what you might expect a sleep center to look like. We provide bed linens, towels, and wash cloths along with soap, and we also offer shampoo and conditioner if you decide to shower during your stay with us.

Each bedroom has a private bathroom where you can get ready for work or just spruce up for the day. We offer breakfast and beverage options for when you wake so you do not need to stop on the way to work. We know remembering to pack everything for an overnight sleep study can be tough, so if you forget something, we can supply it. We can even supply your toothbrush and toothpaste!

We want you to get some rest, so bring comfortable pajamas and whatever you plan to wear the next day. That’s it. We are located one mile from Pax River Naval Air Base. If this is where you work, you can slide out of bed, take a shower, and head right to work without missing a beat.

We designed Sleep! with the modern professional in mind. We know your time is valuable, and it is our goal to make your sleep study as convenient as possible.

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